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 If a UK date is shown as Month and Year only, it is a GRO Registration date and represents the last month of the quarter in which the event was registered, the actual date may be up to 12 months previously (legally, although in one case the birth was registered 30 years after the actual date)
If you know a correct date please let me know?

The software I use marks a person as Living if a Death Date has not been entered and birth was less than 120 years ago.
if you come across someone that you know a death date for please let me know?

I use 4 prefixes for dates

  • Cal
     I use this for Calculated - when a date has been worked backwards from an age shown on a BMD Certificate or Census
  • Bef
     I use this for Before - when a Birth date has been worked backwards from a Baptism or similar date, also when a father is shown as Deceased on a Marriage (or Birth) Certificate.
  • Aft
     I use this for After - when it is known that a child was born after the Parents were married on a known date
  • Abt
     I use this for About - when a date has been gleaned from a source that does not indicate how the date has been arrived at.


Wherever possible Females are listed under their Maiden (birth) Surnames
Where a Maiden name is not known, the married name is followed by a Question mark (?)
Female Names on Images etc are presented in the Format
Ellen Larina (ROYALL) WINKS
Names in Brackets are either Nicknames (Mixed Case) or Maiden Names (UPPER CASE)


My preferred fomat is
House Name, Street number, Street, Tithing/Hamlet, Parish, Post Town, Registration District, County, Country

Burials often repesent the church where the funeral service was held, and is no guarantee of a location in the church yard